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   Why to carry out this conference

The First International Conference on Blended Learning (FICBL) (Reality and Ambition) comes after the success of the First International Conference on School Dropout (Prevention and Treatment), organized by the Humanitarian Pivot at the Al Fanar Hotel in Amman, Jordan, on Saturday and Sunday, September 8-9 2018, under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Education, Dr. Azmi Mohafazah, andthe chairman of the Supreme Committee of the Conference, Mr. Awaad Salim Al- Masaid. Also the current MP and former Minister of Interior, Mr. Mazen Al-Qadi, the head of the Recommendation Committee and the member of the Supreme Committee. In addition to the vice-president of the Jordanian Council of Representatives, Mr. Khamis Attia, the member of the Recommendation Committee and the Supreme Committee. As well as the membership of  Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al- Nuaimi in both committees. After all these successes, the Humanitarian Pivot decided to keep doing his work for a better tomorrow and a bright morning, with hope in our educational life. More and more work is being and will be done. The Blended Education Conference comes as an important step towards modernizing and developing education.